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Pastor Shih Wei Chiang was born in Taiwan. He became a member of First Baptist Church of Flushing in 2004. He completed his Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Nyack College in 2009, and then completed his Master of Divinity at Alliance Theological Seminary in 2012. In 2013, he became a minister of the Chinese Christian Church of Queens, New York and was ordained as a pastor in 2016.

By God’s leading, he became the pastor of the Chinese Congregation in July 2018. Pastor Chiang is most happy about the positive changes in the individual, families, the church and the community because of Christian beliefs. Therefore, he often encourages people around him, especially Christians, to become the blessings of others and become the conduit of blessings for the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Chiang and his wife, Soo Hyun, have a blessed marriage and three kids, Jayden, Irene, and Luke.